The island of Corfu is settled on the northwest part of the Ionian Sea and is one of the most magical islands in Greece. The author Gerald Durell, who spent his childhood on Corfu explained its beauty in just one sentence; “Gradually the magic of the island settled over us as gently and clingingly as pollen.”

Corfu’s wonderful beaches and towns, surrounding greenery and mountains, lively nightlife, rich history, and cultural heritage make this island an ideal destination for every type of traveler. It’s perfect for a group of friends that want to have fun, for romantic couples who want to relax and adventurers who want to explore its history, as well.

Whether you are a solo traveler or come as a family with your kids, Corfu can satisfy every taste since it offers an array of activities.

If you are planning to come and visit Corfu, these are the 7 things you don’t want to miss:

1.  Relax on the Beautiful Beaches

Canal D'Amour beach

The first thing you should definitely do in Corfu is visit some of its amazing beaches.

You can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear, warm waters, walk on the beaches covered with golden sands, watch heartwarming sunsets, taste a wonderful food, coffee, and drink in the restaurants on the beach.

There are also beaches with pebbles and rocks which offer a picturesque view.

Some of the most worth-visiting beaches are:

  • Canal d’Amour or Chanel of Love is one of the most popular and idyllic beaches with turquoise water. Many people, especially couples, visit this beach because there is a tradition which says that couples who swim here will marry and will remain in love forever. Those who are alone will find their love.
  • Sidari beach is also famous and suitable for everyone. There are lots of restaurants where you can relax and enjoy a meal with a view.
  • Kontokali beach, Myrititissa, and Halikounas are perfect for adventurers and enthusiasts who want to try water sports, snorkeling and kite surfing.
  • On Glyfada beach, you can enjoy the natural beauty and olive trees. It is covered with sand and the view of the surroundings is amazing.
  • On Apraos you can relax with your family in the beautiful scenery.
  • Kavos is famous among the young people for its parties and nightlife.
  • Ipsos beach is a popular beach among the tourists. Its waters are shallow, and it is great for families. It’s a very organized beach with lots of facilities and amenities.

Whichever beach you choose, you will definitely have a great time.

2. Visit Paleokastritsa Village

Paleokastritsa town

Palaiokastritsa is a picturesque village on a cliff in the north-west of Corfu. It’s 15 miles away from the Corfu island. It is one of the most beautiful places one should visit on Corfu. You will definitely love the scenery, sight of nature, and the beautiful beaches surrounded by cliffs and olive trees.

There you can also see the popular Theotokos Monastery, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which dates from the 1200s. Inside the monastery, there’s a museum where you can see books, traditional olive oils, icons and relics from the Byzantine period. The architecture is amazing and the view is stunning. There is not an admission for entering, but if you want, you can donate money to the monastery or purchase a souvenir from the shop on site.

3. Have a Great Time at a Water Park

If you don’t like a boring holiday and like adrenaline, you should definitely visit one of the water parks on Corfu. There are several water parks where you can entertain yourself together with your family and friends:

  • Aqualand offers many interesting pools such as a lazy river, a wave pool, and various interesting slides. There are special areas, pools, and slides suitable for kids and there are thrilling slides for adventurers. You can enjoy a relaxing massage or rest in a jacuzzi as well. For the spectators, there are coffee bars and sunbathing areas.
  • Sidari Water Park is great for playing water sports or basketball, and there are also separate areas for kids and adults where they could find interesting activities for themselves.
  • Hydropolis Water Park is located in the Gelina Village Resort, and it provides many activities where people can bathe, relax or try different types of slides, chutes, and pools.

4. Explore Corfu Town

Corfu town

If you are interested in history or architecture, you should definitely visit the old Corfu town. Due to its vast cultural heritage and beautiful architecture, it’s protected by UNESCO. You can find out more about the history of the town from the churches, museums, fortresses, and squares that date from the 15th and 16th century.

Here are several popular places you should thoroughly explore:

  • Church of Ayios Spiridon is a greek orthodox church that dates from the 15th century and honors the Corfu’s patron saint. You can also see the relics of the saint there. It is very famous because it has the highest tower bell in the Ionian Islands.
  • The archaeological Musem, the Byzantine Museum and the Museum of Asian Art, Casa Parlante offer you the opportunity to learn about the Byzantine Era and the history in general.
  • The Old Fort and the New Fort are the fortresses in Corfu from where you can see the panorama of the town. The Old Fort was built in the Byzantine period, and the New Fort was constructed by the Venetians.
  • Spaniada is the name of the town’s beautiful square. There you can see the beautiful buildings and the narrow streets that look like a maze. You can eat traditional food, buy souvenirs from the shops, and enjoy the view.

5. See the Magnificent Achilleion Palace

Achilleion Palace

This splendid Achilleion Palace dates from the late 1800s and is located in the traditional village Gastouri, on the south-west of Corfu Island.

It was built for the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, also known as Sisi, and has an amazing interior and exterior. There are many traditional houses, exotic flowers, plants, and cypress trees that surround this astonishing residence. This palace was a hospital and a roadhouse in the past, and it was also the birthplace of Philip, the UK’s prince.

Visiting this palace will be an exciting experience for all the fans of James Bond movies because the movie “For Your Eyes Only” was filmed there.

6. Hike and Enjoy Corfu’s Landscape

Corfu trail

If you love hiking and nature, you should walk on the Corfu Trail. It is a long route, around 140 miles long and is ideal for adventurers. There are lots of signs on the trail so you won’t get lost. There is a picturesque natural landscape. On the path, you can see many olive trees, historic sites, gorges, and small beautiful villages.

Mount Pantokrator is the highest point on Corfu Island. So if you are a mountaineer, or you feel like it, this destination will be perfect for you. While climbing, you can see the wonderful nature of the island, an old village at the foot of the mountain and there is a monastery on the top. Those who don’t like to climb, but like to enjoy the view from the top, can go there by car.

7.  Enjoy the View from Angelokastro


Angelkastro (Angel’s Castle) is a Byzantine castle, located on the northwest, rocky terrain, near the town of Paleokastritsa.

It sits on one of the highest peaks in Corfu and it is an important historical site. In the past, this fortress was used as a successful protection from the invasion of the Ottoman Turks.

It’s an imposing building and the view from the top is stunning. You can see the Ionian sea, the Archangel Michael church at the Acropolis and remains of the battlements.

Book with Us and Have a Safe Trip to Corfu Island

All things considered, Corfu island is an amazing place with lots of natural beauties, historic sites, and extraordinary places. It is an ideal holiday destination for all ages, and the above mentioned 7 things are a great proof of that.

Follow your passion, go beyond your limits and explore all the new things that hide in this magical island.

But before you do that, check our Corfu island villas, and book with us for a safe and fabulous holiday.