Crete is one of the most famous Greek Island villa holiday destinations! Wonderful beaches, local hospitality and great Cretan food; it’;s no wonder so many people return year-after-year! While some of its resorts are equipped for tourism and nightlife, most areas remain beautifully untouched and tranquil.  Historical sites are just some of the many reasons holidaymakers fall in love with Crete. Our Crete villas are set in quiet locations, secluded sandy beaches, and pretty traditional villages; the charms of Crete may encourage you, like many to move there permanently!

Holiday Rentals In Crete

Destinations in Crete


Tavronitis is a tranquil village in Crete, Greece, where you can find all the necessary amenities that are needed for a perfect and peaceful vacation.

Vatalos / Fragocastello

If you like to enjoy in traditional Greek food with local products, Vatalos in Frangokastello is the perfect place to visit because once you try the specialties in this resort, you will definitely want to come here again.

Megala Chorafia

Megala Chorafia also known as Aptera is a small, tranquil village located on Crete which will enchant you with its rich flora, beautiful scenery, and rich archaeological heritage.

Agia Triada / Rethymno

The Greek village Agia Triada is a perfect place for nature lovers. It is situated on the foothills of the mountain, so it has amazing natural surroundings, many trails, treks and gorges, ideal for those who like walking, cycling or hiking.


Rousospiti is a traditional village in Crete, Greece that is worth a visit. The view of nature there is lovely while the waters are transparent and blue.


One of the best beach resorts on the Greek island of Crete is Kalyves. It is located in the Apokoronas, an area where you can see an exuberant flora and fauna and enjoy in the breathtaking scenery. There you can relax on the golden beach and swim in the clear waters.


Vamos village in Crete is one of the most exciting destinations that are worth a visit. It lies on the foothills of The White Mountains where the surrounding scenery is stunning. It is a traditional resort where you can see amazing cultural and architectural heritage that dates from the 13th century.

Galatas Chania

Galatas is a tranquil Greek village located in Crete. There is a fertile valley surrounded by olive groves, orange trees, and many other bushes and trees, so people who love nature will enjoy its landscapes. Here you can also taste organic berries, wild fruits, figs, and avocados from the trees.  

Panormos / Rethymno

On a distance of 20 kilometers of the city of Rethymnon in Crete in Greece, lies the traditional and seaside village Panormos. It is a developed, easily accessible, and charming place. It has unspoiled and wild natural surroundings, fantastic sea views, and beautiful sandy beaches perfect for relaxation and long walks by the sea.


The peaceful village of Maroulas is located on the southeast of Rethymno, and it is surrounded by valleys and greenery. Because of its ancient tombstones, stone mosaics, building from the Venetian period, and rich historical heritage, it attracts many visitors, but also many photographers and painters.

Armenoi – Agios Georgios Rethymno

Armenoi is a traditional agricultural village situated in Agios Georgios Rethymno, on the island of Crete, Greece. It is a large village surrounded by orange, olive, and avocado groves. There is a big and imposing church and a few tavernas that serve drinks and delicious food.


Herakleion is the biggest city in Crete, and it is a vibrant, modern, and urban place of a mixed history but also modernism. Many tourists visit it during the summer period, especially young people because it offers amusing nightlife and wonderful beaches.


Kefalas village is a large but quiet place that is worth visiting for its interesting architecture, old stone buildings, numerous churches, tasty tavernas, and friendly villagers.


Gerani is located in the northwest of Crete and is a perfect place to spend your lazy days and your peaceful holiday since it never gets busy. The beach is stunning and satisfies both sandy and pebble lovers.


Situated between Rethymno and Heraklion, in the north of Crete, Bali resort is a charming holiday destination that attracts mostly families for its quietness. Its beaches are almost always calm, so they are perfect for children to play and swim.