If there’s one thing Skopelos island is famous for, that is its peaceful atmosphere, amazing scenery, and stunning beaches, where Skopelos beaches being the top reason that make this place worth visiting.

Their crystal waters which are surrounded by an amazing green landscape are a true magnet for the increasing number of tourists that visit this peaceful island every year.

Here are the top 5 Skopelos beaches you should visit in 2018 if you decide to spend your vacation in this paradise of an island:

1. Stafylos

Stafylos beach

Stafylos beach is one of the most picturesque and unspoiled beaches on the south-east of Skopelos town. It is very popular for its close proximity to the town. Thus, it is easily accessible by car or bus and it takes only 4 kilometers of driving.

Its bay is enclosed and surrounded by high cliffs while its waters are turquoise, transparent and shallow. So, swimming here is a real pleasure.

This beach is also organized, and there is a bar where you can have some drinks and snacks to keep you refreshed.

And for those who love the action, you can enjoy snorkeling, or you can hire a kayak and go on an adventure.

2. Panormos

Skopelos beaches

It is one of the most beautiful and popular Skopelos beaches. It is located on the west, 17km away from the Skopelos town if you use the local bus service. And, If you rent a car you can take the shorter internal road and get there faster because the distance is 12 kilometers.

At Panormos beach, there are small pebbles and a lot of small coves within walking distance. So, you can enjoy the crystal clear turquoise water together with your family and children because it is an organized beach with a lifeguard.

For the adventurers, there are lots of water sports.  And for the people who want to relax and enjoy the view, there are many taverns and coffee bars.

Panormos is also known for its amazing sunsets and for its history. In the past, it was an early ancient city with a sheltered harbor. Here you can see remains of the walls of the Acropolis in this area.

3. Hovolo

Hovolo beach

Hovolo beach is located on the west of Skopelos town, on the distance of 18 kilometers, close to Elios. It is an exotic, calm beach with turquoise waters which is covered with very small pebbles and surrounded by rocks and greenery.

There is a path that passes through the rocks and leads you to the Hovolo beach. And, there are areas where you must walk in the water, as well. Passing through the bottom of the cliffs and enjoying the wonderful nature is a great experience for adventurers and nature lovers. There are some fallen dead pine wood and amazing natural sculptures among the rocks in the sand which give the beach a special look.

If you want to sit and relax in tranquility, Hovolo beach is perfect for you.

4. Milia

Milia beach

Milla is a wonderful, long and straight beach that is 14 kilometers away from the Skopelos town. It is surrounded by pine trees, and it is famous for its crystal water and white pebbles.

You can enjoy the breathtaking landscape and the fresh air while you swim and relax. Sunbeds with umbrellas are available for rent, and there is also a nice tavern that serves cold drink and snacks.

It is ideal for families with kids because they can see the fish swimming around in the transparent water and have fun.

And, if you are a fan of aquatic sports such as Jet Ski, Milia is the ideal beach for you since there you can rent a boat for a jet ski and enjoy.

5. Kastani

Kastani beach

We all know Kastani beach from the American movie “Mamma Mia” because the majority of the scenes were filmed here. Its white sands, clear blue waters, and picturesque natural beauty make it one of the must-see Skopelos beaches.

This attractive place is located on the west of Skopelos town, on a 15 kilometers distance, next to Milia. Here you’ll love the wonderful sunsets and the pine trees which are close to the shore and surround the area.

There is also a tavern which contributes to the relaxing atmosphere with lounge music and lounge beds and chairs.

Book Your Trip And Relax On Skopelos Beaches

Skopelos island is a magical holiday destination, and you definitely have to experience everything it has to offer.

The wonderful flora with pine trees reaching the shore and the beautiful crystal clear waters of Skopelos beaches will make you relax and enjoy the peacefulness this island offers.

Don’t hesitate, search for the perfect house, and book your trip to Skopelos. You deserve living the holiday of your dreams.