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  • Basic requirements
  • Guest reviews
  • Cleanliness
  • Essential amenities
  • Accurate listing details
  • Easy check - in
  • Communication

What Rentals Direct expects from hosts?

Rentals Direct is a company that cares; caring for homeowners and travelers alike. Therefore, we would like to provide you with clear instructions in regard to listing your home on our site. We believe that once you know what we expect from you, you will be able to provide our guests with a 5-star stay each time you list your home on

Rentals Direct Core Values

To provide guests with a reliable and comfortable stay, hosts must pay attention to the following 4 Rentals Direct core values:

  • Respond quickly to guests messages
  • When you quickly respond to guest’s booking inquiries or reservation requests you show that you are a serious, attentive, and a helpful host. Rentals Direct wants to work with hosts who are caring and are always there to reply, so we ask you to respond to the messages of our website visitors within 24 hours.
  • Accept reservation requests
  • Guests dislike repeatedly sending request to find available dates and place to stay. So, if any of them sends you a reservation request, we expect you to accept it if your home is free.

    It would be better if you also paid attention to your listing’s calendar to reflect the days you are able to host, to prevent same-day reservations, and block time off between bookings.
  • Don't cancel bookings
  • Rentals Direct takes cancellation of bookings very seriously so you might be a subject to certain penalties if you ever cancel a confirmed reservation. For that reason, we urge hosts to avoid doing that since they might ruin guests’ holiday plans. Rentals Direct accepts canceling only in extenuating circumstances.
  • Get positive reviews
  • Guests always review the experience they get with you and your home, and by doing that they help Rentals Direct to make an evaluation for you as a host. The overall rating you get is the average score from guests that you’ve hosted.

    As a host, you are also able to rate your guests when it comes to communication, cleanliness, and politeness. This will help Rentals Direct understand how guests treat you and your home, and those guests who are continually flagged by hosts might receive certain penalties.

Getting Positive Reviews from Travelers

Rentals Direct believes that guests who give positive reviews focus on the following things:

  • Proactive communication
  • Precise listing details
  • Smooth check-in
  • Cleanliness

To be higher rated by guests, make sure you take into consideration these factors.


When guests arrive at your home, they expect to see it clean just like it is shown in the listing photos. Make sure you always find time to clean it between guests because they will rate its cleanliness.

The average of your cleanliness ratings will also be shown on your listing page, and if you very often get low ratings, you might be a subject to penalties.

What we expect from you:
  • Tidy every single room that guests might enter, especially those rooms they will use the most such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen.
  • When guests leave your house, make sure you clear the trash, leftovers, dust, hair, and any other dirt that may show on surfaces.
  • Always provide clean, fresh towels, sheets, linens/sheets for the guests to come.
  • Add space between bookings so that you have the time to prepare your home for the new guests to come.
  • Provide guests with cleaning supplies in case they need to take care of spills or similar accidents. Charge them a cleaning fee for such supplies or spend the money on professional cleaning services.

Essential amenities

While guests are on holiday, you should make them feel like they are at home and provide them with all the essential amenities. The following 4 things are a must have, so you are required to supply all the guests with:

  • Minimum one towel and one pillow per person
  • Linens / sheets
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap

Accurate listing details

For you and your guests to have a better experience, you should set the right expectations before they book your home. Therefore, you should provide them with accurate listing details such as whether they are allowed to bring their pets, etc. When guests are familiar with all the must-know details when it comes to your home, they will get the chance to rate this accuracy of information.


  • You should give accurate details about the amenities in your home, and they should all be functional.
  • You have to provide guests with an accurate address after they book your home.
  • You should list photos that will truly portray the state of your home.
  • If your guests run across some unexpected factors that will impact their stay, you have to be honest with them and let them know about it. For example, if there is a noisy construction near your home, they should know about it because it might ruin their stay.
  • When you list your home on Rentals Direct make sure you post photos that are high-quality and provide a detailed description as well.
  • Put House Rules list in your home where you will provide the things you allow or don't allow including smoking, bringing pets, etc.


All the amenities you offer in your home should be listed, and each of them should be operational.


Always list a price that matches the home you offer. If you list a home with a very high price, guests will expect something very luxurious.

Easy check - in

Guests must be tired after a long day traveling and you should make their check-in easy, so they can quickly accommodate. They will rate the check-in experience with you, so try to be as helpful as you can.


  • Tell them how they can contact you if they have to before they arrive at your home
  • Provide guests with a check-in guide and detailed description of how to get to your home at least 24 hours before their arrival
  • If you want to welcome guests and meet them in person, make sure you coordinate with their arrival so that you do not keep them waiting.

Supporting guests during their stay

While your guests stay at your home, you should be available for them because they might come across some problems. Do not forget that they will rate your communication and consistency at the end of the stay.

  • If you are away from the area where guests stay, then make sure they have your contact, in case they need you.
  • If there are any changes after a booked reservation, make sure you let guests know about in advance.
  • Make sure guests know you are available for them and make a good plan to coordinate with their arrival. If you do not plan to meet them in person, then leave them a message concerning their check-in, so that they feel safe.