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The Dalaman Region, which runs for about 1600 kilometers, is known for its gorgeous, long lengths of fine-sand beaches softly caressed by the Mediterranean Sea's warm waters. The dramatic and picturesque Taurus Mountains give a dramatic and beautiful backdrop to the coast, concealing numerous peaceful villages where you can get a taste of traditional Turkish life. Our Dalaman villas provide access to a fascinating heritage as well as a diverse landscape. On a Turkish villa vacation, you could soon be exploring the historic sites and ruins dotted throughout the region and fantastic natural beauty.


Ancient civilisations, historic cities, and magnificent ruins abound in the Dalaman Region. The city of Xanthos, with its Roman theatre and Acropolis, the Letoon theatre, the rock tombs, and the Antiphellos theatre are just a few of the remarkable sights offered to visitors. Kekora is especially remarkable since it was destroyed by an earthquake many years ago and drowned, only partially visible beneath the water. The intriguing archaeological site of Kaunos, located near the tourist town of Dalyan, has an acropolis as well as a 2000-year-old, well maintained theatre that is still used for concerts today.


Whether you want to browse or buy souvenirs of your vacation, shopping in the Dalaman Region is a treat. Throughout the region, particularly in the busy main cities, you'll find a variety of unique and traditional businesses and markets. Many beautiful souvenirs are available in the busier resorts, and you may discover designer garments and purses, as well as local goods and crafts like as amazing spices and finely woven carpets and rugs, if you browse about the stores and bazaars. Buying anything in Turkey is a fascinating and enjoyable experience, as negotiating with shopkeepers to lower the asking price is common!


From well-known watersports centers and vibrant resorts to calm and lonely coves where you can get away from it all, this stunning length of coastline has numerous amazing sand and shingle beaches. Olu Deniz, nestled in a beautiful bay, is recognized as one of Turkey's top beaches. The several scenic coves and pine tree-backed stretches of sand offer a more tranquil ambiance. The gorgeous Iztuzu Beach near Dalyan, only accessible by boat, offers one-of-a-kind possibilities to relax in a stunning natural setting and see the rare loggerhead turtles who lay their eggs here every September.






Beach access is available

Access available by car, and public transportation is readily available. The resort center is a short walk away.

Parking is available within a 5-minute walk and is chargeable.

White sand, Shingle beach, Public beach, Straight beach, Shallow beach are all examples of beach types (Ideal for paddling for all ages), Tourists flock to the beach.

A blue flag has been awarded for beach safety.



Beach access is available.

Easy access by automobile, public transportation is available, and it takes less than 15 steps to get there.

Beach front parking is available for a fee.

Shingle beach, public beach, semicircular beach, secluded/quiet beach are all examples of beach types. On the beach, alcohol is permitted.

Beach safety : There is a designated swimming area on the beach.

Toilets are available for free.


Try some of the delicious Turkish cuisine at one of the many traditional restaurants that can be found in all of the Dalaman area's main resorts. Stews and casseroles are popular meals, as are'mezzes,' which are a collection of diverse foods that allow you to sample a variety of local specialties all in one meal. Try this delectable combination of meat and vegetables in a pita bread or on a skewer, which is a Turkish specialty. In the major cities, you'll also find a wide range of international cuisine.




Explore the area's magnificent alpine landscape, which includes the stunning Butterfly Valley and the awe-inspiring Olu Deniz lake.


Visit the vibrant Fethiye bazaar, where you can shop for fruits, vegetables, apparel, and handicrafts.


Kaunos, Tlos, Pinara, Letoon, Xanthos, and Patara are just a few of the historic places to explore in this region, which is the core of ancient Lycia.


Relax on one of the many beaches available. Olu Deniz, Kaya's Gemiler Beach, and Patara Beach with its loggerhead turtles are among the nicest beaches.


Visit the magnificent ruins of Kaya's ancient Greek settlement, which served as inspiration for the novel "Birds Without Wings" by Louis de Bernieres.


Why not buy freshly caught fish and other seafood from Fethiye's fish market and have it prepared to your liking at one of the numerous nearby local restaurants for your evening meal?


Drive up to the hillside region of Islamlar while in Kalkan, where trout farms provide great fresh fish in traditional eateries and a cooling breeze provides relief from the summer heat.


A trip to Kalkan isn't complete without a lunch on the harbourfront's rooftop terraces, where restaurants abound, giving spectacular views of the sea and a diverse menu of traditional and modern cuisines.


Take a stroll down to Patara's beautiful beach.

Because it is part of a large national park with no water activities or big development, this magnificent beach is never crowded, even in the height of summer. It is rich in birds and the breeding place of the endangered loggerhead turtle (caretta caretta), and it is only a 15-minute walk from some of the most important ruins.


The Dalyan river snakes its way down to the freshwater delta produced when it meets the Mediterranean Sea, leading to the protected Itzutu or "Turtle" beach, named for the huge Caretta Caretta turtles who lay their eggs there. The Lycian rock tombs engraved into the cliff face on the "canal of kings" are well worth taking a water taxi down there.


The Saklikent Gorge, which cuts deep into the Gombe Akdagi mountains, is a natural wonder with its flowing cascading torrent. Amazing river restaurants border the gorge, with wooden verandas jutting out over the river, cushions scattered "ottoman" style for Turkish apple tea, and for a unique experience, amazing river restaurants border the gorge, with wooden verandas jutting out over the river, cushions scattered "ottoman" style for Turkish apple tea.



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