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Tuscany is quintessential Italy, with its excellent food, magnificent wine, and the origins of the Renaissance. The major cities house the region's most valuable art and historical remains, while hilltop medieval communities provide pleasant, affordable villa holiday living with stunning views of rural vineyards and olive groves. You will fall in love with Tuscany whether you come for sheer relaxation and rural charm or an experience rich in local culture and heritage.

Tuscany retains its rural character, with a climate and topography that are ideal for outdoor activities. Horseback riding, cycling, and strolling tours are great in the rolling hills, tranquil lakes, and falling valleys.


Learn to create regional cuisine with local chefs, sip a slew of well-known wines, or simply stroll across the countryside to soak in the vivid autumn colors. In June, there are a lot of sunflowers; in late September, there are grape harvests; and in October, there are porcini mushrooms and truffles. These are the ideal souvenirs from your Tuscany vacation, whether you learn a delectable new dish or simply discover your new favorite wine.


Tuscany is recognized for its high-end leather goods, crystal, terracotta, and lace, but it also has factory outlets that sell the latest designer fashion.


Antiques, local crafts, souvenirs, jewelry, and art are all available for purchase in all of the major cities. Authentic outdoor markets selling anything from food to furnishings will entice you with their vibrant colors, sounds, and fragrances. To get a taste of rustic Tuscan living, sample the freshness and quality of local products.


Tuscany stands out as one of the world's top cultural destinations thanks to its striking structures, galleries, and treasure-filled cathedrals. Discover this rich collection of art and architecture in some of Italy's most attractive cities, each celebrating its own distinct position in history.


Throughout the year, the region hosts a number of traditional festivals commemorating historical events and medieval tournaments that took place centuries ago. Music, art, dance, and film festivals also allow tourists to immerse themselves in the Tuscan ambiance.


Tuscany is a feast for the senses, with some of the best home-grown food in the world. You can expect to enjoy the most exquisite natural fare, all cooked and lovingly made from scratch, thanks to the region's world-renowned wine and olive oil industry.


Sun-drenched trattorias are the ideal spot to immerse yourself in the Tuscan way of life, where dining out is a special occasion, while pizzerias, restaurants, and village diners serve only traditional fare to ensure that every plate is infused with the true flavor of Italy.




Start your day in Florence with a visit to the magnificent Duomo, which dominates the city's skyline; then visit the Piazza della Signoria for lunch and a tour of Italy's largest art gallery, the Uffizi.


Take a romantic stroll down Florence's historic Ponte Vecchio bridge, which is dotted with jewelry stores and famous for sparking marriage proposals.


Explore the picturesque Lucca's calm, small lanes, which have Renaissance walls, Romanesque churches, a Roman amphitheatre, and delicatessens.


Enjoy the pristine sand beaches and crystal clear waters on a boat ride from Piombino to Napoleon's exile, the Isle of Elba. A cable car ride to the summit of Monte Capanne provides breathtaking vistas.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a world-famous attraction you must visit.


Visit one of the region's many natural thermal baths for a spa therapy treatment to improve your health.



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