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The well-known hidden gem in the Ionian Sea Paxos Island but still a "remote island" is offering you warm hospitality from its locals. Unspoiled by tourism and anchored in its own tale with its peaceful surroundings is the perfect escape to freedom.  There is always something more here than just turquoise clear water and untouched nature. No matter in which village you are there is always a local friend to guide you through the deepest island experience. The warming feeling from the locals will bring your holiday to another level where you can explore more about their local culture, habits, homemade tasty dishes, and as well as their relaxed nature. You will already agree with this if you are a returning holiday lover at Paxos or just on the way to becoming one!


Paxos Activities

This small island is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors breathing the fresh air surrounded by olive trees. You can enjoy the peacefulness even during the busiest months of the year alone or join the walking groups around the hidden footpaths and coastal paths of the Island where you can learn more about the green covering on the Island as well feel the charm of the most beautiful blue landscapes. There are a lot of footpaths around this small island which will bring you with the touch of Paxos history including the old Venetian houses, churches, olive presses, etc.

Paxos History

According to the mythology, Poseidon built this Island to enjoy his love with Amphitrite and keep the secret far away from his wife. This means that Paxos is a secret getaway for delights that every human can experience. Despite this meaningful mythos, the history of Paxos is rich and it is dating from  2nd BC with the continuous development of the events of the Byzantine era where there is data that speak about the presence of pirates. During the Middle Age, the island had a great influence by  The Venetians on the culture which is still notable in its architecture. In the late 17th century the island was under the rule of Napoleon and then the Ionian Islands were placed under British Protection. This happened on the 13th of February when Paxos surrendered to the Royal Navy frigate HMS Apollo, the 2nd Greek Light Infantry from Cephalonia, and the 35th Regiment of the Royal Corsican Rangers.

Paxos Beaches

Endless shorelines and beaches are around this island and most of them are found on the portion of the coast which is simply reachable by foot, by bike, by motorbike, or even by car. Most of them are Peebles covered and surrounded by untouched idyllic nature. For full experience renting a boat is the most perfect way to explore the island's coastline for seeing and feeling its remote beaches and driving into the caves. Just a few miles away there is Antipaxos Island, reachable only by boat, distinguishable by the two sandy and crystal clear beaches Vrika and Voutoumi.

Manadendri Beach 

Access to the beach

Easily accessible by car, easy walk from the villa, one of the most famous beaches on Paxos


Free parking at the restaurant at the beach, beachfront

Beach type

Public beach, 500-1km long, pebble beach good for swimming and snorkeling


Levrechio Beach 

Access to the beach

Easily accessible by car, easy walk from the villa


Free of charge, beach front

Beach type

Public beach, pebble beach, semicircular beach


Erimitis Bay Beach 

Access to the beach

Accessible by car, short walking through pathway down to the beach


Within 5 mins walk from the beach, on-road, off-road

Beach type

The peculiar cliff behind the beach, pebble beach


Planos Sunset Beach 

Access to the beach

Easily accessible by car, easy walk from the villa


Beachfront, off-road,  free of charge

Beach type

Public beach, quiet beach, pebble beach


Paxos Food

The remains of the former olive press houses emphasize the well-known local fresh olive oil (the island is covered by more than 250.000 olive trees)and by its very nature is a key ingredient in local dishes. Diversity of freshly caught local seafood and fish is also a traditional part of the local food as well as the hand-picked and dried oregano which is bringing the taste to another level. All this was accompanied by a glass of local wine from Antipaxos.


Paxos Holiday - Points of Interest

Excellent for hiking and exploring the breathtaking views of Kamara on the South or Kastanida on the North

Rent a boat for a deeper experience or take a cruise around Paxos, Antipaxos, and Blue Caves

Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the local tavernas near the harbor of Gaios, Lakka or Loggos


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