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Are you looking for the ideal summer vacation? You've arrived to the right place. After a challenging 2020 and 2021, travel is back with a blast in 2022 and we gave tons of fantastic summer holiday villas to share with you. We've got you covered whether you're looking for a family holiday to Lanzarote, a culture-filled break in Greece or a quiet beach stay in Turkey!

Corfu is the perfect destination for a 2022 vacation! Start planning your next luxury holiday vacation by checking our top villas in Corfu!

Plan your dream holiday - in Corfu

Experience the Unforgettable Island of Corfu

From the first moment at Corfu, you will be hugged by the timeless elegant blended Venetian, British, and French Architecture style spiced with a traditional Greek spirit. This symphony of historical and cultural fusion will break into your vacation adding an element of an unforgettable experience.


Corfu Activities

Take a walk along the headlands and seaside paths to take in the island's spectacular sunsets. The views are especially beautiful, with continuous seascapes and sweeping landscapes of untamed slopes and white sand beaches.

By small boat, explore the coastline beauty and go cove-hopping to one of the numerous tranquil and beautiful bays. With an expert instructor, you can even go on a horseback trek through the wild and harsh region. There are excellent opportunities for bird watching, cycling, windsurfing, and waterskiing.

Corfu Beaches

Corfu's beaches are pebbly and sandy, with several softly dipping towards the sea. The island's hidden coves and stunning blue waters have made it a popular destination for families. The majority of beaches provide waterside tavernas, seaside stores including stand-up paddleboards and sunbeds for rent.

Agios Stefanos 

Access to the Beach

Easily accessible by car, easy walk from the villa


Free parking on the headland within a short walk 

Beach type

Public beach with free showers, sandy beach, shallow beach

Agni Bay

Access to the Beach

Easily accessible by car, easy walk from the villa


Free parking at the bottom of the road within a short walk

Beach type

Public beach, shiny pebble beach, famous between tourists

Kalami Bay

Access to the Beach

Easily accessible by car, easy walk from the villa


Free parking within a short walk

Beach type

Public beach, pebbly beach, clear water, organized beach with a fee for sunbeds

Paleokastritsa Beach 

Access to the Beach

Accessible only by foot or off-road driving with a car


Parking with a fee or beachfront free parking

Beach type

Public beach, soft sand, and pebble beach, ideal for snorkeling

Nissaki Beach

Access to the Beach

Easily accessible by car


Free beachfront parking

Beach type

Public beach, sandy beach surrounded by rocks 

Agios Georgios 

Access to the Beach


Easily accessible by car




Free beachfront parking


Beach type

Public beach, sandy beach, free toilets and showers

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