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If you are enthusiastic and are keen on exploring, Sicily is the best option for you. Beaches are one of the top amusements, of course, then there is the Valley of the Temples and the Greek Theatre of Taormina, among others. Mount Etna is one of the many activities as well.

Food cannot be excluded from the experience, since Sicily can offer you some delicious food.

Here are our top picks for you to visit and experience while in Sicily:

1. Have an “Indiana Jones” experience at the Valley of Temples

Begin your Sicilian vacation with a visit to the Valley of Temples, the world's largest archaeological site and one of the best things to do in Sicily.

This fantastic UNESCO-listed archaeological park, located just outside of Agrigento, is home to the remains of eight temples dating back to the 5th century BC.

Don't miss the pre-Hellenic cave sanctuary of the Temple of Concordia, which is one of the most famous Greek ruins in the world.


2. Scala Dei Turchi

The Scala Dei Turchi, about 20 minutes drive from the Valley of the Temples, is another must-see if your trip to Sicily takes you to this region!

This white limestone cliff is famous for its unique shape: it appears to be carved by erosion! When you consider the turquoise colour of the sea and the fine sand beaches that surround it, it's easy to see why Scala Dei Turchi is so popular.

Several dozen people gather here at the end of the day to watch the sunset, and in high season, hundreds. This is a show you should not miss!

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3. Visit Palermo

Surrounded by mountains named after the city itself, Palermo is one of the most popular places to visit.

The area of this city has the best weather in the whole of Europe, thanks to its southerly location and local climate systems, including its proximity to Africa.

Palermo is a very rich city in terms of historical buildings and monuments, and the ideal place to visit if you like churches and palaces.

In Palermo, you shouldn’t miss:

island rocks

4. Cefalù

This is a very picturesque location, and it is most likely the first image you saw of Sicily!

When visiting Cefalu, you should stop for a panoramic view of the old port and pier and stroll the narrow streets full of shops and restaurants. If you have time, visit the city's most important building, the Norman Cathedral in Cefalu.

Finally, you must climb to the top of La Rocca di Cefalu, a cliff that overlooks the city and offers breathtaking views.

5. Explore Mount Etna by Rail or Cable Car

Etna is a mystery. Even the height is undetermined because the height changes with each new eruption. But above 3,000 meters, a cone of smoke often dominates the horizon.

Volcanic vents, fumaroles, hot springs, and lava flows add to its changing landscape, much of which you can explore Volcanic vents, fire smoke, hot springs, and lava flows add to its changing landscape, which you can explore much of (but not too close to the central crater) on foot or on off-road vehicles designed to cling to volcanic surfaces.

Paths lead to the base of the cable car, which will bring you to the 2,500-meter point, an easy day trip from Catania or Taormina. In winter, you can ski almost to the top.

6. Enna, the Heart of Sicily

Located in the heart of Sicily, Enna is nicknamed "the navel of Sicily"

The Enna region is the only one without access to the sea, however, it has the most lakes, and it has the most lakes, including lakes Pergusa, the only natural lake on the island.

Perched on a ledge 900 meters above sea level, Enna retains its signature charm and offers several points of interest:

  • Lombardy castle offers an unobstructed view of Etna from the top of its main tower.
  • Enna’s Duomo
  • Via Roma, the city’s historic centre
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Lake Pergusa, with a racing circuit on its shore


There are so many beautiful places that can be seen when in Sicily that one blog would not be enough for all of them.

We hope you enjoy our selection of places, and you will have a lovely time while in Sicily.

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