The most popular Spanish islands

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There's nothing quite like escaping to a tropical island. Fortunately, Spain has a number of gorgeous islands to offer tourists and holidaymakers. In fact, these Spanish islands are among Europe's most popular, with each offering something unique to all of its guests. So, if you're thinking about taking a holiday, the Spanish islands are ready to welcome you!

In this article we will cover the best of Spain’s gorgeous islands, highlighting just why they are so popular for an unforgettable island holiday with your friends or family!



Mallorca Spain Holiday

Mallorca, one of Spain's Balearic Islands, is the epitome of island serenity. This holiday hotspot, located in the warm seas of the Mediterranean, attracts a more laid-back clientele than neighboring Ibiza. Mallorca is a stunning site, with miles of gorgeous beaches backed by rugged mountains and low-rise villages. While the capital city of Palma is full with attractive restaurants and cultural events, the resorts of Cala'Dor, Cala Millor, and Cala Bona attract the majority of visitors. These are the most popular tourist areas on the island, located in the south and east.

Explore the pine tree forests, find sunbeds on the beach, and go snorkeling or diving underwater. Find fresh seafood, go mountain biking in the Serra de Tramuntana, and take in the breathtaking scenery.



Lanzarote Spain Holiday

Lanzarote, another of the best Spanish islands, is not far from Tenerife's shores. Lanzarote is known for its rich artistic past, but it also has magnificent volcanic scenery. The entire island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve! Towering black and crimson sand dunes, volcanic caves, and vivid lagoons are just a few of the exotic sites to behold. Timanfaya National Park is, of course, the ideal site to discover Lanzarote's beautiful natural marvels. The park's centerpiece is the same-named volcano. Visitors may see the tremendous volcanic activity at the onsite visitor center, which is still functioning.

If you're traveling with your family, Playa Blanca is a great place to go diving or snorkeling. It also features a vibrant surfing scene and noteworthy architecture designed by César Manrique. Also worth seeing is La Geria, a winery.


Menorca Spain Holiday

Even if you've visited magnificent beaches before, Menorca's shoreline will take your breath away. It's a tranquil island with white sand beaches. Yachts arrive and depart from the lavish island. Paddling, kayaking, and beachfront dining are all popular activities in the azure water. Stone monuments dating back thousands of years, including fragments of Talayotic, may be found along its 124-mile (200-kilometer) length. Explore the altars, burial chambers, and watchtowers along various pathways around the landscape.


Fuerteventura Spain Holiday

Don't be deceived by the fact that this lovely island is the closest to Africa of all the Canary Islands. The majority of Fuerteventura is abandoned by modern civilization, making it an extremely secluded locationwhich is exactly what draws visitors! The island is known for its large open beaches and windy weather, which are ideal for surfing, hang gliding, wind surfing, and relaxing on the beach.







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