Top 10 Essentials you want in your Holiday Rentals

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How can you make your Holiday Rental Property stand out in a competitive market when the Rental Market has expanded and become an ever-increasing competitive market?

The requirements for short-term vacation rentals differ significantly from those for long-term rental properties. It's not enough to just throw out all of your old mismatched furniture and equipment at 'the rental property.' It may be "good enough for a rental," but it isn't good enough for Holiday Rentals any longer.

Many of our owners have helped us set up their vacation rentals and have them included in our unique collection of rentals, guaranteeing that our guests enjoy the same experience every time they stay with us. You can invest your money wisely and produce a holiday rental home that appeals to the broadest audience by paying attention to the details and listening to guests about the characteristics, facilities, and amenities they genuinely want in their holiday rental.


10. Wi-Fi

We understand that the purpose of vacations is to "get away from it all." We understand that many individuals go on vacation because they're sick of being tethered to their computers or smartphone. People, on the other hand, demand the same speedy wireless connectivity they get at home.

Whether they want to check out what's going on in the area, discover a great restaurant, get directions, or simply make their relatives and friends jealous by posting your beautiful vacation rental on social media, your property must have Wi-Fi to make it simple for the guests stay connected to the digital world while on vacation.


9. Comfortable Beds


The most important item for a happy guest. Having bunk beds or pull-out beds is not recommended to avoid it if possible, and the mattresses should be comfortable. Guests come to unwind, therefore a restful night's sleep is crucial. Invest in quality bedding and linens.


8. Pet-Friendly Holiday Rentals

Vacation Rental Villa with pets allowed.


We try to welcome pets at our vacation holiday rentals when possible. Our pets are an important part of our life, and boarding them in kennels while you are away can be pricey. Our guests appreciate staying in our luxury holiday rentals because they know they will be in lovely surroundings and will be able to bring their dogs with them. Try to have a unique dog basket with food dishes, towels, and dog treats for our four-legged companions.


7. Up to date Photo Gallery


We update our images regularly. We reshoot spaces if there is a change at a property. Guests prefer to come to the exact holiday home depicted in the advertisement or the website.


6. Equipped Kitchen Area

Villa Holiday Rental with Well Equipped Kitchen

Many of your guests have selected your vacation home over a hotel, so they don't expect room service or eateries right outside their door. As a result, having a well-equipped kitchen is vital. If your property sleeps 6, bring extra china and cutlery... no one wants to clean dishes while on vacation! Remember, there's no such thing as too many pots and pans, as well as serving dishes. And every family enjoys a good beach picnic; perhaps some Tupperware would be useful. Small luxury kitchen appliances such as a microwave, hand blender, kettle, toaster, and coffee maker will put you ahead of the game!

5. Smart TV/ Streaming Services

We understand that vacations aren't supposed to be spent glued to screens. However, your visitors may still expect some of the conveniences of home, such as television or access to streaming services like Netflix.


4. Outdoor space & Barbeque

Villa Holiday Rental with outside Barbeque, Hot Tub and Private Pool

It's all about being outside during the holidays, soaking in the sun, and breathing the fresh air. When most people think of family vacations, they probably picture summer nights spent grilling out on the patio or balcony, catching up, and laughing. Furniture for outdoor dining is a must! It's a nice bonus if you can supply a sun lounger or two for those days when your guests just want to relax by the pool.

On those long summer nights, nothing beats a holiday BBQ with family. Having a BBQ grill on your rental property would undoubtedly make it stand out.


3. Local information and Sharing of Knowledge

The information manual is required, and it contains all necessary contact information. You never know what can happen, therefore your visitors should be aware that the manual is available in case they require medical attention or need to contact the appropriate emergency services. It also informs customers of minor details such as where to dispose of their trash.

At Rentals Direct we manually create these types of Information Manuals for all of our properties and owners.

Some guests have chosen your vacation home because of its location, and they are eager to get out and explore new areas in the neighbourhood, as well as find wonderful locations to have dinner and lunch. Leave them some guidebooks or maps to make things easy for them. When you rent out your place as a short-term vacation rental, you're contributing to the local tourist industry. Our guests receive an email with 'Things to do' based on their interests — kids, pets, groups, romantic getaways, and so on! Each group has a list to help them make the most of the area.


2. Air Conditioning(Cooling/Heating)

Villa Holiday Rental with Air Conditioning

In most popular summer vacation spots, the heat may be exhausting, and even if the temperatures only reach dangerously high levels for a few days a year, tourists always want somewhere to go if it gets too hot. Most visitors consider air conditioning to be a must-have.

People enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can cool off as the temperature rises. Another key consideration is that, as we try and fill the winter months there must be heating too. As a result, air conditioning and heating systems are a must-have.


1. Hot Tub / Pool

Holiday Villa Rental with Private Pool seaviews.

Guests want accommodations that are on par with or better than their own homes. Today, we all have so much wonderful stuff that simply putting together a holiday rental with the essentials isn't enough. Outdoor heated spas or swimming pools are found in our most popular and profitable Villa Rentals. Beautiful outdoor places are always appealing, but anything with water attracts visitors like a magnet.

The majority of our guests prefer to vacation in Villa with a Private Pool.




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