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Choosing a place to stay is one of the most important aspects of vacation planning. Nowadays, there are a lot of choices, and most people prefer to take the easier route.

The best part of renting a vacation house is that it feels like home while yet being abroad. During the vacation, one of the most crucial features a guest needs is privacy and comfort.

In this blog, we will explain the types of properties we offer on our website.


The term "apartment" can be generically applied to any residential unit inside a building. The building can be a house, townhouse, large residential building, and even a condominium high-rise where owners sublet their units. 

It should be noted that renting an apartment near the beach can result in significant savings when compared to a hotel during peak season. The savings can be even greater if you share with other family members or take advantage of some of the last-minute rental deals.


A maisonette is a two-story flat with your front door. This means that, unlike a regular flat with a shared corridor, you can exit your home directly to the outside.

Because maisonettes are frequently located above shops, garages, or other maisonettes, a good way to think of them is as a "house on stilts."

Private Villa

Private villas are generally properties with a secluded area that can only be used by you and your loved ones.

Some of the benefits when choosing a private villa are privacy, more space, more personal service, value, and stunning locations were chosen yourself.

Detached Villa

 A detached villa is a stand-alone residential structure that does not share outside walls with another house or building.


Semi-detached Villa

A villa that is semi-detached is joined to another similar villa on only one side.

















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