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About Us

We are not a company. We are an experience.


To enrich people’s travel experience by providing a platform that connects travelers and
homeowners around the world.

Rentals Direct - Our Vision


Travelers: To nurture the curiosity and passion of travelers by providing a home away from home. Discover new places through a universally accessible and useful collection of carefully curated homes.

Owners: To catalyze and transform the growth of the home rental market and provide everyone with the opportunity to generate additional income. Ignite the entrepreneurial spirit with a revolutionary simple and more accessible property listing platform. Just working on the about text


Founded in 2018, Rentals Direct provides a present-day platform connecting domestic and foreign travelers seeking personal accommodations around the world. Rentals Direct cares about travelers and homeowners alike. We offer professional, helpful, and easy to use services that cater to everyone’s individual needs.

For travelers, we foster a global travel community that offers paradisal places to stay in idyllic locations. For those that seek adventure, family fun, or a romantic getaway, we provide access to an accommodation marketplace ranging from traditional villas and apartments to unique treehouses and castles.

For homeowners, we allow the ability to turn additional space into additional income. Rentals Direct provides ease of access and reach to travelers searching for a unique place to stay. With Rentals Direct, you have complete control of your availability, pricing, house rules, and interaction with guests.

Rentals Direct - About Us